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Who We Are


How can TransLatinos break the language barrier that separates the school and the community of Laton?

It is important to include the non-english spreaking families in the school events/activities so they can be informed of what is going on at school and in the Laton community.


English and spanish speaking families need to join together in order to communicate with the school and build a stronger community.


What We're About

We take translation to a whole new level. Normally, we use everyday websites to translate things such as a letters, or even a document of high importance. This is when TransLatinos takes center stage. We translate from the source. Our Spanish language skills that we've gained in our dual immersion program, spanish classes and through our heritage allows us to use the purity and beauty of the language, and we have it replace the inadequate Spanish used in generic translating sites. We are not just a site, rather we are an organization of stuents who care and that will, very deeply, make an impact in our community.



TransLatinos is a small student-run organization based off of Laton High School's MyLife Project.